Every year each student has the opportunity to participate in a grade level retreat.  Freshman, sophomore and junior year are one day retreats that occur during a scheduled day of classes while the senior retreat is an overnight experience which takes place over the course of two full school days.  In keeping with the faith philosophy that our students should be "met where they are at," each retreat focuses around a theme and a scripture passage relevant for each grade level.
  • Freshman Retreat: Survivor Trinity

    • Scripture Passage: "For if I live, I live for the Lord." Romans 15:8
    • This introductory retreat is led mainly by the LIGHTs Senior Leadership Team and emphasizes the importance of God's presence in everyday life; that with God we don't simply "survive" in this world. but truly live.
  • Sophomore Retreat: Who Are You?

    • Scripture Passage: "You are complete in Him" Colossians 2:9
    • This retreat, also led by upperclassmen LIGHTs, focuses on relationships with family, friends, and God.  Students learn that listening to God through the growth, change, and sometimes struggles of those relationships will keep you grounded as you grow into the person God wants you to become.  This retreat is held at St. Joseph's Spiritual Renewal Center in Brentwood, NY.
  • Junior Retreat: Choices

    • Scripture Passage: "...choose for yourselves today who you will serve..." Joshua 24:15
    • This retreat, led by the Campus Ministry team, focuses on the reality of some of the choices upperclassmen students are presented with, and how to make the "right" choice in those situations.  We focus on the witness of Jesus Christ and how, in all of His choices, He chose Love.  This retreat is held at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, NY.
  • Senior Retreat: Welcome to LIFE

    • Scripture Passage: "Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: 'Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.  For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.'"  Mark 8:34-35
    • This retreat, led by the Campus Ministry team, was inspired by a Matt Maher song called "Welcome to Life."  On this overnight experience, we focus on solidifying the Seniors' relationship with God before leaving Holy Trinity.  This retreat is held at St. Joseph's Villa in Hampton Bays.
  • Social Justice Retreat

    • Each year during Lent there is a full school or smaller group retreat focusing on Social Justice, and how we as Catholic Christians have a responsibility to care for our neighbors in need throughout our local community, country and world.  Students gain a great perspective on the world and a better understanding of Jesus Christ's mission.  Past retreats have included a Box City and Soup Kitchen experience.

As seniors, Holy Trinity students have the opportunity to apply for a leadership and retreat team called the L.I.G.H.T.s.  This is an acronym which stands for Living In God Holy/Wholly Together.  The name also invokes the call and responsibility to be the Light of Christ to all they meet.  Aside from being leaders and role models of faith in our school community, LIGHTs also serve as the underclassmen retreat facilitators as well as leaders of our Big Brother/Big Sister freshman homeroom program.

The Holy Trinity Diocesan High School Emmaus Program provides transitional guidance for the incoming freshman class from mentors in the incoming senior class. The name Emmaus was chosen based on the Gospel story “On the Road to Emmaus” (Luke 24: 13-35). The passage describes two people journeying together down a road that eventually leads to the recognition of Jesus Christ as Savior.
Two companions depart from Jerusalem discussing the events of the crucifixion with an--at the time--unrecognizable Risen Christ who joins them along their journey. The three travelers discuss the history of the prophets from Abraham to their current day which culminates in the coming of the Messiah (now commonly referred to as Salvation History). At the end of their journey when, tired and hungry, they share a meal together. “In the breaking of the bread” the two original travelers recognize that the third person who joined them on their journey, the one who was walking with them all along, was the Risen Christ.
Using the journey to Emmaus as symbolism for this program, it is our hope that the freshman and seniors will journey together for a year, as companions, with Jesus by their side. Being that the word companion literally means “to break bread with”, the seniors will be living witnesses to ‘the breaking of the bread’ experienced in the scripture, by sharing with the freshman the love and hospitality of the Risen Christ. Once the two travelers became companions--once they recognized the Messiah in the breaking of the bread--they saw Jesus differently. Through the witness and companionship of a senior mentor, we hope that the freshman will see Jesus differently: not only as the center of our school community, but as the center their hearts and lives, walking with them as they journey through their time at Holy Trinity.

VIRTUES OF THE MONTH (Click HERE to see this year's recipients!)
Each month the Holy Trinity community focuses on cultivating a specific virtue.  This program was derived from St. Thomas Aquinas and the Aristotelian ethical concept of cultivating virtue based on formation and repetition of good habits.  During Morning Prayer students are reminded of the virtue of the month and given examples of how to put the virtue into practice in their daily lives.  Each month a students from each grade level, as well as two faculty/staff members, receives a Virtue of the Month award.  The student, faculty/staff members are nominated by Holy Trinity community members who have witnessed the virtue at work in the lives of the nominees.  Each month's virtue is chosen based on the liturgical and school calendar in order to maintain relevance to the atmosphere in the school community.  Virtues of the Month are:

  • September: Kindness
  • October: Prudence
  • November: Justice
  • December: Patience
  • January: Hope
  • February: Faith
  • March: Temperance
  • April: Love
  • May: Peace
  • June: Fortitude
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