Modern Dance/Laban Movement Analysis
Welcome back!
I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to start your new year as an Upperclassman in the department.
The class work this year will cover a Graham-based modern dance technique class and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). We will discuss all of this when we meet for our first class. You will not need clothes for our first class and no shoes at all this year! We will be dancing barefoot.
Please review all of your class documents located under Class Resources and if you have any questions please bring them to our first class.

Here are some important dates and I hope you audition for everything! Detailed information for each audition may be found on the specific Group Page.

Auditions 2016
Select Choir 9/13 & 14
Fall Drama 9/15 & 16
Dance Company 9/24 (Auditions will begin at 9:30AM)

London/Dublin 2017
Our departure date is quickly approaching! 
Hopefully you have ordered your US Passport and please make sure it is valid 6 months after out return date (August 25, 2017).
Avoid extra charges from ACIS, keep your payments up to date.
We will have a meeting in early October to arrange room assignments. You will need a double and a triple. (Remember we do not spend a lot of time in our hotel rooms, we are out visiting and exploring amazing cities).

Google Classroom Codes
01 (Fixed Mods) C4lsa7
02 puy4tv