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Biology Regents                                                                                                        Mrs. Pappas



Welcome to the world of biology. I hope that your experience will be a great one. In my classroom, we will be covering different aspects of biology. This will include: ecology, evolution, genetics, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and laboratory techniques. The following are rules and requirements for my Regents Biology course.

Homework and Study: Homework will be given every night. It will be posted each day on the smart board every day. Additionally, it will be posted on e-chalk. It is due the next day unless otherwise stated. Homework will not be accepted late unless with a valid excuse. Additionally, students are to review their notes each day.

Lecture: Notes will be taken on a daily basis. It is very important that your notes are organized. Your binder will be constantly monitored to ensure that you are organized and taking proper notes. Additionally, handouts should be placed in proper order to accompany your notes.

Labs: SAFETY!!! SAFETY!!! SAFETY!!! You must listen very carefully to instructions during lab. This ensures your safety and the safety of others. All labs are due immediately following the lab unless otherwise stated. There are 22 required labs; however, we will be doing a lot more. They will not be given back to you because they are property of New York State and must remain in school.

Extra help: It is your responsibility to get extra help if you feel you need it. I am available each day before school from 7:30- 8:00 a.m. After school, I am available on Wednesdays. Students seeking extra help after school MUST be in my classroom at 2:35 p.m. Extra help is giving in Room 418.

Absences: If you are absent, you must contact a classmate or e-chalk to get your assignment. You are responsible to gather any missed notes. If you are absent for a lab, you must stay after school to make it up immediately.

Late policy: You must be on time and prepared. Lateness will result in after school detention. If you have a valid excuse, see me after class.

Quizzes and Tests: Quizzes will be given at least once or twice a week. The material will be taken from my lectures, textbook and from homework. This will help prepare the students for their tests. Tests will be given on a regular basis. You will be given notice 3-4 days prior to exam. There will be a midterm in January and the New York State Living Regents at the end of June.

Classroom Rules: “Be safe, be responsible, and be respectful”. Failure to follow these classroom rules will result in after school detention.



3-ring binder, 1 folder, textbook, blue and black ink pens, and #2 pencils for exams and labs.



                                    Tests: 50%

                                    Quizzes: 30%

                                    Homework: 10%

                                    Labs: 10%


I am looking forward to share my knowledge and experiences with you. I know that this will be a great year for all of us.


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