Chelsea Allison '17

Chelsea Allison

Holy Trinity Highlight Reel

Member of National Honor Society

International Thespian Honor Society

Role of Bernarda Alba in House of Bernarda Alba

CORE Ambassador

Black History Club - Vice President

Hamlet - Assistant Director

Actor/Director for One Act Play Festival

Other Activities:
Company Member of Girl Be Heard in NYC

Holy Trinity’s motto is A Special Time, Place, and Spirit. What does that mean to you?
Holy Trinity is a diverse community filled with opportunity where you can grow not only as a student but an individual. Students are offered various activities which they are able to explore, and figure out what's right for them. One of the great things about being in such a diverse community is that you’re constantly learning about different cultures and backgrounds. This cultural transmission within the school generates respect and understanding for lifestyles different from our own.

What is your favorite class this year? Why do you enjoy it?
My favorite class this year was Psychology and Religion. I went into this class with an appreciation for the mind and the self, but was unaware of the science behind it.  Mr Marinelli is a great teacher who was able to bridge the gap between my interest and knowledge of the mind and what it’s capable of.

Has there been a teacher/coach/counselor/administrator at Holy Trinity who has positively influenced you? Please explain:
Mr. Sullivan has had a huge impact on my growth here at Holy Trinity. He always believes in me and is always there to listen when I need someone to talk to. Seeing someone who is as dedicated to the craft as him inspires me to be like that dedicated to what I love to do.

What has been a “highlight” of your time at Holy Trinity? Please describe a moment that you enjoyed and/or made you proud:
Being a part of "The House of Bernarda Alba" was a highlight during my time at Holy Trinity. The cast was filled with talented and incredible women. Since the cast was small, we were all able to build a connection with each other that lasted outside of rehearsal. My co-star Ashley Taylor described the production as “ a bunch of friends just putting on a show” and that's exactly what it felt like. I looked forward to every rehearsal because I knew I was going to laugh and learn something new.

To what colleges are you applying? What is your intended major?
I’m applying to The New School, New York University, Fordham University, Emerson College, and Pace University.  My intended major is Playwriting and Anthropology.

What will you miss the most about Holy Trinity?
I love it when I’m walking down the hall and unexpectedly run into a friend. I love when a teacher, who I had freshman year, sees me senior year and tells me that they are proud of me. I love it when a friend gets into their dream school, rewarding them for four years of hard work.  I’m inspired when I see a friend who doesn’t get into their dream school, but continues to be positive and encouraging because there is so more to life than the college you get into. I’ll miss all of that.

Do you have any advice for incoming Holy Trinity students?
You’re going to get great grades and you’re going to get grades you're not proud of. You're going to take classes you love and you're going to take classes you struggle with. You're going to make great friendships and you’re going to make friendships that don't make it past fixed mods. It’s life and it’s inevitable. Give each day the gratitude it deserves. Accept that everything is a work in progress- including yourself. And tell your mom you love her.

Chelsea Allison playing lead role in "The House of Bernarda Alba"

Chelsea Allison
Chelsea Allison spending time with Holy Family students during their grade-wide Shadow Day

Chelsea Allison along with classmate Ashley Taylor holding their trophies from the Monologue Competition at the Identity Conference" at Nassau Community College



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